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“Writing is a struggle against silence”

Young adults are growing up younger and faster with more expected of them each day. Understanding how to write a good story is an extremely effective way to express a point of view. Young adults writing stories become empowered; they deserve to be and should be heard. The quote above by Carlos Fuentes comes close to describing my inspiration for creating Lightning Bug. Through my study and work in education and professional writing, I’ve developed a strong interest in engaging young adults in story writing. It’s something I believe in as an educator, as a parent, and as writer. I’ve witnessed it make a difference, I’ve seen it work. I developed Lightning Bug in my own time, financing it myself, because I saw a need for a resource of this kind on the Internet. Please consider supporting the project by clicking on the purple envelope. Your donation will go directly toward the continuing development of this popular resource. Feel free to drop me a line at mnjorgensen (at) gmail . com Kind Regards

Please Note: Some of the advice given on this the site such as storyboarding has been intentionally written without some of the more complex industry terminology. It is not that our audience are not able to understand these industry conventions, it is simply that I have determined that the story should be a primary focus.

I would like to particularly thank Penni Russon for her support and encouragement.


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