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Are you an active writer?
Just because you don’t like to sit in a corner with a book doesn’t mean you can’t be a great writer! You might prefer football, drama, cricket or gymnastics … but some of the most powerful writing has come from people that love throwing themselves into the action!

Making writing fun is the key. Stories don’t have to be pages and pages long either. Try speed writing! Give yourself a time limit, say 10 mins, and try to write a complete story in that time.

Try writing a story using only dialogue (dialogue is where your characters talk in your story) – then read the story out loud with some friends.

If you find it hard to begin, if you’re having trouble coming up with an idea (it happens to everyone … even famous authors!), try jump-starting your inspiration.

Write about a football game, a concert or a festival you went to recently. Writing from your own experience can be powerful. You may have memories of whether it was hot, who was with you, whether you were angry, what you heard and a thousand other details. Tell your story and help your reader feel like they were there! Try using a Mind Map to help you remember all the details of the event.

You might want to write your story as a play or movie screenplay. Set the scene, think about the characters in your action movie, or drama. Try using a Storyboard to lay out all the details of your screenplay.

If you find it hard to create characters to put in your story, have a look around you! Friends, family, teachers, that guy that runs the corner shop, they are all a great source of characters for your story.

Remember authors come in all shapes and sizes. Steven Herrick was born in Brisbane and at school, his favourite subject was soccer. Now he’s an aclaimed author that writes verse novels. Writing doesn’t have to be your first love right now, it may be something you come to love later in life. It’s NEVER too late to start writing!

Find Inspiration!

Find a writing exercise to warm up first before you begin to write your story.

Organise your thoughts with a Mind Map

Try Automatic Writing to get your story moving!

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