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Are you an artistic writer?
If you have a serious interest in art, or just a knack for drawing or painting, you might find the writing ideas below helpful when deciding what sort of story you want to tell.

If you find it easier to work with images, there are some unique ways you can approach telling your story used by very successful: screenwriters, comic book authors and artists.

Try sketching out the characters in your story, it might be their face, somewhere they live, or even the emotion their feeling. Understanding your characters is crutial when writing a story and approaching it this way may help you work out what their story is, who they are and where they are going.

Making a cartoon that tells a story can be extremely rewarding. Make sure you map out the story idea first using a Mind Map and a storyboard to ensure everything is where it should be!

You might decide to design a story poster, a one page drawing or painting that tells a your whole story. There are many famous examples in history of paintings that reveal more once you look closely.

A photo essay is another great way of telling a story. Take a series of photographs and place them in a way that they tell a story. You might find that placing them in order along a line is the best way, or perhaps try arranging them in a pattern. You may want to write a companion story to go with the pictures, or you might decide that the story is told clearly by the pictures on their own.

Search for pictures to stir your imagination.

Find Inspiration!

Find a writing exercise to warm up first before you begin to write your story.

Organise your thoughts with a Mind Map

Try Automatic Writing to get your story moving!

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