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Automatic writing
There’s nothing worse than having a blank page and nothing to write about. The more you try to think of an idea, the more elusive it seems.

Automatic writing is a very effective trick authors use to get rid of writers block and get writing again. It is an exercise to help you loosen up your mind, like stretching before you go for a run.

Begin with a blank sheet of paper and a pen. Clear your mind, then write down the first thing you think of … but don’t stop … keep going. Keep writing until you have filled the page.

It’s important that you:

* Don’t stop to correct spelling
* Don’t worry about your handwriting
* Don’t worry about whether it makes sense or not!

In fact try not to think about what you’re doing at all! Just write down the thoughts as they come to you.

When the page is full, read through it and highlight anything that’s interesting to you. You may find there is a lot you can use in a story, or maybe just a few words you like to help you start writing.

Try doing some automatic writing in the field below!

Use Storyboarding to map out your story

Look through the site resources to develop a new story ideas

Use a Mind Map to help you develop the story ideas from this activity

Note: If you use a word processor to do your Automatic Writing, make sure you turn off the auto correct/spelling and grammar query feature so that you won’t be distracted or interupted as you write.

Another way to do this activity is to find a quiet place, close your eyes and start talking into a recording device. Say whatever comes into your mind, you might find it difficult at first but the more you say the easier it becomes.

When you’re finished simply rewind and listen to the recording with a pad and pencil ready to write down anything interesting you might have said.

You’ll find both activities work best once you’ve had a few attempts, this can be quite a self conscious exercise to begin with!



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