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Finish your story

Wow, you finished! Excellent work!

Whether it’s a short story or a whole novel, when you finish it’s a great feeling!

Another perspective

Most writers give their work to somebody else to read when they finish their first draft. A fresh perspective is always valuable. Find a friend that will give you honest feedback to read your story. Remember that the exercise is pointless if your reader is only going to tell you what you want to hear!

It can be hard reading somebody else’s work and giving feedback. There is however, a way to make the whole thing easier on you and your friend.

‘Tell me something I want to hear!’

When your buddy is ready to give you some feedback, tell them to give you one piece of good news with every piece of bad news. If they noticed a problem with the plot on page two, make sure they tell you something they really liked about the story FIRST!

It will make them feel more relaxed, and you won’t feel as defensive when you get your feedback!

Fame and fortune

If you’re happy with the story, and you’re ready to show it to the world, why not enter it in a short story competition? You may win some money as well as big buckets of fame!

Please use Google to access further details on these competitions. Please note that this is not a complete list of the competitions available, and only Australian competitions are listed here.

Where ‘various levels of application’ appears there are a number of different entry categories for submissions. For example, there may be a 10 – 15 year old entry category and a 16 – 18 category.

Be sure to check ALL the entry requirements, and good luck!!

Martha Richardson Poetry Medal
10 – 14 and 15 – 20 age group entries.
(03) 53592759

Banjo Paterson Children’s Writing Awards
There is a $5 entry fee for this competition. 1000 word limit.
(02) 63932511

Boroondara Literary Awards
Entries of both short story and poetry allowed. Various levels of application.
(03) 92784766

CJ Dennis Poetry Award
Short Story competition. 2500 word limit.
You can find out more information at: (08) 88492190

Greater Dandenong Writing Awards
Poetry and short story entries. Various levels of application.
(03) 92395134

Berringa and Beyond Multicultural Literary Awards
Poetry, articles, short stories. Various levels of application.

Somerset National Novella Writing Competition for School Age Writers
Open to secondary school students. Novels between 10 and 20 thousand words.
(07) 55303777

Mona Brand Short Story Award
Various levels of application.
(02) 43632627

Colin Thiele Poetry Award
Restricted to writers aged between 15 and 20 years.
(03) 94315573

Hilarie Lindsay Young Writers Award
(02) 98101307
Various levels of application.

Flinders News Prose Award
You can find out more information at: (08) 86622340

Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year
1800 628 011

Alan Marshall Short Story Award
Up to 2500 word short story.
(03) 94333161

Mary Grant Bruce Short Story Award For Children’s Literature
Restricted to entrants between 10 and 15 years old. Submissions under 5000 words.
(03) 94315573

Imagination Creation Writing Competition
Various levels of entry. Short story and poetry competitions.
You can find out more information at: (03) 97413577

Kingaroy Eisteddfod Inc Literary Competition
Various levels of entry.
(07) 41624446

Student Literary Awards
Various levels of application. Poetry and short story awards.
You can find out more information at: (02) 63741755

Young Australian Writers’ Awards
For 5 – 14 year olds. Fiction, poetry, non-fiction, comics, song lyrics, plays and other categories.
(03) 98112800

John Marsden Prize for Young Australian Writers
For writers under 25 years old.
(03) 93268367




Check your story has a beginning, middle and end.

Confirm the voice you used is consistent and the story has a sense of place.

Check your facts!

Check your plot points!

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