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Genre is the type of story you are writing.

Comedy – make your readers laugh so hard their stomaches hurt!

Monsters, terror, scare your readers silly with a horror story!

Check out the AAHA site for horror writing resources, reviews and everything horror related!

Mystery/Crime – Who dun it? Set the scene, and boggle your readers with a mystery. Use a Mind Map to brainstorm your story idea and a storyboard to map out your crime!
Movies and TV – Write a sitcom, or a feature film! Try storyboarding to map out your story idea.
Shadows or puppet theatre – Get your props and write a play for puppets!
Dance – Beautiful stories such as Swan Lake are told and interpreted through dance.
Write from your imagination – if you make it up, it’s a fictional story (though some fiction has its basis in truth.)
Biography – A story about somebody else’s life. Maybe it’s somebody famous, or it could be a friend, your dad, anyone! Don’t just write a list of facts though, bring your subject to life in your story!
Tell a true story, just like it happened. You may need to do some research for this one to make sure you write it just as it occurred.
Fantasy – Create a new world with knights, dragons, magic … anything you like!
Autobiographical – A long word that simply means, a story about your life. These are often the most powerful of stories you can tell – after all, you were there and there’s nobody better qualified to write your story than you!
Science Fiction – Space and beyond! You could write about the stars or life in the future.
Thriller – Dramatic and gripping. Write a thriller that will have your readers glued to their seats until they reach the last page.
Magic Realism – These are often stories about the real world, with a little magic thrown in! Have a look in the Bug Bookshop for some wonderful Magic Realism stories.
Comic – Reveal your story scene by scene in a comic strip.
Romance – Tell a story of love and romance, and maybe a broken heart or two. Been swept off your feet lately?
Find out what makes a romance writer tick … read interviews with dozens of romance authors.

Poetry – Write your story as a poem, it can be as long or as short as you wish! There are lots of different types … try Haiku or Concrete Poetry to get you started!



Find a writing exercise to warm up first before you begin to write your story.

Once you have decided on a genre, visit the inspiration page to jump start your story!

Have a good look through the genre styles below to find your story.
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