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Are you a popular writer?
Do you love to hang out with your friends? You may enjoy taking charge or offering advice? You might find the writing ideas below helpful when deciding what sort of story you want to tell.

You could try writing a speech. A good speech can move people to tears or make them laugh. A good speech will tell a story. You might write the speech for somebody else to read: a politician, or a warrior going into battle? 793807

Watch this famous speech on YouTube by Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.

A speech can be made more powerful when read by the right person. Who will read your speech? Who will the audience be?

This speech uses repetition very effectively. What other technique are employed to make the message more powerful?

The most important thing to remember when writing a speech is who your audience is. What do they want to hear? What’s your message? Will your speech have jokes in it? Perhaps it’s serious and dramatic!

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Remember your speech is just like a story, it has a beginning, a middle and an end

Find a writing exercise to warm up first before you begin to write your story.

Try thinking about the characters in your story. Try writing down everything you can imagine about them, a complete profile. What colour is their hair, how do they dress? Do they have earrings? Tattoos? Are they smelly?

When you’re finished describing them, think about what they want. Who are they? What are their friends like? Are they running from something? Are they angry, happy or sad?

When you know your characters and what they want, you’ll find it much easier to imagine a story with them in it!

You might want to write something to read to people you know.

Try writing a biography, a story about somebody else’s life. Maybe you want to write about the life of somebody famous, or it could be a friend, your dad, anyone! Don’t just write a list of facts though, bring your subject to life in your story!

Sometimes, just by talking about your idea out loud can help you work out what’s important, what you want to include, and what to remove. You might try sharing your story idea with friends or family.

Another way of telling a story is through correspondance. Find a friend and write an email, letter or post card to them. They in turn write one back. As you take turns writing to each other, develop a story. Perhaps you could pretend to be overseas and writing to a friend at home? What will you tell your friend about what you have seen? What will they tell you about what is happening at home?



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