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The following list includes resources for writers such as writing forums, free newsletters etc


Author blogs A great way to find out what it takes to be a full time writer. Following is a selection of blogs we recommend:

Blogs about writing

Character Names


Crime Writing Resources and – free online English dictionaries and reference guides.

Dictionary – Metaglossary – A dictionary that provides you with a ‘whole web’ search, providing answers from a multitude of sources.


Freelance Writing Organization A Free writing resource links database.


Historical Fiction

How Stuff Works and Brain Pop are two good sites for finding out … well … how stuff works!

Librarian Chick – a great reference for all subjects.

Myster writer resources


Search resources – a great list of searchable – middle years friendly – search engines.

The Digital Narrative – a new resource dedicated to writing narrative using digital media.

Wikipedia a free online encyclopaedia.

Writing Software (This is the software I personally use and have found useful. I DON’T recieve ANY commissions for recommending these products.)



Find out how to search Google effectively!

Find a writing exercise to warm up first before you begin to write your story.